Stones Throw Picnic

Get your 4th of July fireworks fix, but rest up becuase we're keeping the party going on July 5th. Here's the Stones Throw Picnic run down for Saturday.

Update: We regret to inform you that Madlib will not be performing at Stones Throw Picnic due to a family illness. This was a matter that could not be foreseen, and our support and understanding go out to him and his family.

From Stones Throw Picnic curator Wyatt Closs: "As his broader family of fans, Stones Throw Picnic will miss Madlib's presence and talent tremendously. Our time together will honor him, as it will be one filled with good people and great music. With their sets, The Lions, DaM-FunK and Peanut Butter Wolf of the Stones Throw Records label will bring to life an ambitious, chocked-full day. And don't rule out a special guest or two."

5:00- 9:30PM

- Beat Swap Meet
A traveling swap meet featuring specially selected vinyl record collectors and dealers

- Stones Throw merch for sale

- Voter registration
The good folks of and other civic engagement volunteers will be getting people registerd to vote.

- Complimentary bike valet available on the Upper Plaza


- Kids breakdance contest in the Marina Pavilion
Sign Beat Swap Meet organizes it. Stones Throw Records talent will judge it. Local kids get to show us what they got. Prizes are given to the winners, and bragging rights forever.


- The Lions


- Dâm-Funk


- Peanut Butter Wolf

but wait, there's more...

It wouldn't be a Stones Throw Picnic without something to nosh on.

This summer, we're proud to partner with our down-the-hill neighobors, Grand Central Market to offer you pre-made picnics. We've made it easy: simply order online, and pick up at Grand Central Market on Saturday! Orders must be placed by 4pm on Saturday, July 5. 

Click here to check out the delicious offereings from Roast to Go, Horse Thief BBQ and Valerie Confections. 

Some things you need to know before coming to Stones Throw Picnic:

  • Bring cash to buy goodies from Big Man Bakes, Artesana Pops, the Omni Grill, and all our California Plaza vendors
  • Jarritos will be giving away free samples on the Lower Plaza
  • Enter to win prizes from our friends at Curacao and the Hollywood Bowl by following us on Instagram @grandperfs and tagging your photos with #grandperformances

And a couple housekeeping items:

  • Protip: Come early to get your seat and beat the crowd; this will be a popular night! 
  • Parking and directions can be found here
  • Sadly, your furry friends are not invited to the party (aka no dogs allowed)
  • Due to increased vigilance surrounding the 4th of July holiday, the LAPD has informed us that our audience is not allowed to BYOB, but you will be able to purchase beer and wine from our onsite bar.



Double G on the daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra 

This year we're asking our musically and culturally inclined friends to write our evening programs. Instead of a guest writer for the daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra, we thought we'd go right to the source, Double G, daKONDUCTOR and daKOMPOSER.

The best gift a composer can be given is an ensemble full of loving and capable musicians to turn dots on a page into music for our souls.  The other best gift a composer can receive is a great venue to host those musicians.  Over the years, Grand Performances has given me and my different ensembles opportunities to experiment, investigate, succeed, and sometimes even tank in front of thousands of people.  The consistent factor has always been a welcoming spirit that many artists around the world have come to love about Grand Performances. 

This particular ensemble, The daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra, has now entered its adolescence, and, based on the rehearsals leading to this concert, is starting to grow into its feet.  Before 2001, we were a ragtag pirate ship that would crash into nightclubs and set up an orchestra.  When we first came to Grand Performances in 2001, it was a great chance for a crew of young L.A. cats to bring something from the underground to a concert stage, which is very rare.  Now, in 2014, the musicians of the orchestra, both past & present, see this venue as our home turf.  Since we haven’t played L.A. in a long while, I’m very happy that we get to do it here.

We’re bringing a lot of new music to the stage.  There’s a lot of rap in the show.  Getting back to the root of what a “hip hop orchestra” is supposed to sound like.  However, the songs that feature the singers, are a special kind of song. 

There’s an underground genre of lowrider soul music, that often gets overlooked.  It doesn’t get much play on the radio.  Personally, it’s my favorite music to listen to while behind the wheel.  Chilled out.  Sophisticated orchestrations.  Gorgeous singing.  Anti-road rage, anger management.  The perfect soundtrack for cruising in a car you don’t want to scratch.

My Great-Uncle was deep in the lowrider culture here in L.A., and in NorCal.  He expressed his love for the positivity found among the people in the car clubs, and how the outlet of creativity is so healthy for the soul.  And, it can even get you across town if you need.

That’s kind of the vibe in our daKAH show this year.  All about the love.  L.A. can sometimes be a tense place.  Sometimes stuff just explodes out of nowhere.  It helps to have an antidote, and a musical massage.  For this moment in our summer, we’re trying to slip in some love, and take us out on a Natural High.


Leigh Ann on KCRW's MBE (June 26)


You can sometimes find us toting artists to KCRW for an instudio performance, but this time it was our very own Director of Programming, Leigh Ann Hahn, taking to the ariwaves. Did we mention she has the best radio voice ever? So relaxing!

Leigh Ann was on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic at the top of the 10 o'clock hour chatting it up with Jason Bentley today. They did a quick run down of some of our upcoming concerts, announced the July 11 replacement concert (Quantic), and even played a couple tracks.

You can listen to the entire conversation HERE.



daKAH and L.A.'s Signature Cocktail 

If you <3 L.A., you'll want to be here this Saturday.

Not only will we have daKAH, L.A.'s only hip hop orchestra, but we'll also be announcing L.A.'s Signature Cocktail in conjunction with Greenbar Craft Distillery and Los Angeles Magazine.

Who: Double G's daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra
Song Sample: Spotify
Claim to fame: They're L.A.'s only hip hop orchestra
Why you won't want to miss out: It's been four years since we last had daKAH on our stage and they're a fan favorite. Double G also calls Grand Performances daKAH's homebase (we first presented them in 2001), so they get some extra points for being so sweet.

L.A.'s Cocktail Search winner... Greenbar Craft Distillery will be pouring free samples of the winning recipe from The Search for L.A.'s Signature Cocktail (see recipe below). You'll be able to taste L.A. in  awhole new way! 21+ only please; tasting will be held on the Upper Plaza.

There's even a chance for you to help name the cocktail! To vote, go over to the Greenbar Distillery Facebook page and leave a comment. We're biased, but our pick is Grand L.A., of course ;) The options are:
1. Griffith
2. Angeleno
3. Grand LA


Eddie Cota on Panoptica Orchestra and Federico Aubele

This year we're asking our musically and culturally inclined friends to write our evening programs. Here's Eddie Cota on the Panoptica Orchestra and Federico Aubele.

I can’t think of a better place than Los Angeles for a lineup like Panoptica Orchestra and Federico Aubuele to take the stage together. This city is moving so fast culturally and expanding its global sounds, it's if we have a direct line out to every creative hub around the world.

One of the most important hubs is just to the south, Tijuana. It seems like we have a strong cultural link that exchanges and supports each other’s art. It has only been the last few years that the media has paid attention to the burst of arts and culture over there. They describe it as this progressive and hip scene where only adventurous art-seekers dare to explore.

Panoptica has been pioneering the sounds of the city’s progressive culture for some time. He was one of the founders of electronic-Mexican group Nortec Collective. When I first heard this group, it blew my mind.   

The music felt so parallel to my experience of discovering where I belonged in Los Angeles when I moved here 10 years ago. Listening to them take a genre like Norteño and mash it up with electronic beats, provided a soundtrack for all those seeking to hold on to their cultural roots and also express creative exploration. Panoptica now with his own orchestra continues to redefine the soundscapes of this evolving culture, keeping the world tuned into where Mexico is headed musically. I’m more excited than ever to hear where he will take it.

Similar things can be said about Argentine artist Federico Aubele. You hear Latin folk influences, the tango rhythms, and his romantic Spanish lyrics. Federico has had his own journey in discovering his sound. He teamed up with electronic producers Thievery Corporation early in his career, and also moved to Berlin, which some consider the most progressive arts and culture scenes in the world. All these influences shine through his music of dark tempos and twisted folk.

What I love most about Los Angeles is that artists like Panoptica Orchestra and Federico Aubele can share the same stage and be embraced by an open-minded and diverse audience. Just like our city, these artists keep pushing the boundaries and bending rules of what culture means to them. Their music can be your guide as you set out to discover what it all means to you.


Eddie Cota is a Cultural Programmer working with venues and corporate brands to curate events in Los Angeles. He also freelances for the LA Weekly covering the global music scene.