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Phyllis <3's GP

Phyllis knows how to start the party on the plaza

We've been able to connect with so many folks over the past 25 years- it's about time we spotlight you, our one and only GPeeps. Do you <3 GP? Tell us about it here. This week's GPeep is a great ball of energy and boomerang intern, Phyllis.

We know you <3 us, but tell us why we should feature you as one of our GPeeps.

Because I'm AWESOME. And I'm always here willing to let you use me :) I love all of you in the office and on crew. I will always come if I'm in LA.

Who are you?

Phyllis Sun <3's GP and I'm friendly, ridiculous, and a humdinger

My friends would say I’m crazy and delightful.  I’ve been coming to GP for 3 years with my communityand when I’m not busting a move on the plaza, you can find me in the Info Cart (big blue cart).

Where are you?

On a silver table by Mixed Greens

I would like to see Caravan Palace and Rupa & the April Fishes back on the Watercourt stage. 

My go-to picnic goods:

Wine and cheese and a lot of blankets

Here's how I discovered GP:

I interned at GP during the summer of 2008. I haven't been able to stay away since. I love coming back and seeing old co-workers as well as meeting new additions to the team.

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